Magic Safari is on XeozrodelNewsTV

We were on live ! Let's rewatch the moment of fame that our company had during Synchronisation on XeozrodelNewsTV šŸ“ŗ.

We had the chance to be invited to the TV to explain our unique concept in Xeozrodel and also to present the Synchronisation feast in our realm ! Synchronization is one of the biggest moment in Xeozrodel. It's a great feast where everyone celebrates the realm. All of the mage will synchronize around the realm to produce magnificient drawings in the sky. This allows the people being in Xeozrodel at this time of year to enjoy the same moment as others! The synchronization mechanism that mages uses place a pigment of color every minute in the sky while a magic guardian is spreading the drawing around the world.

There are two types of synchronization that you can find. ā€¢ šŸŒ‡ The color synchronization will be a mix of colors and will be available around the world the whole day.

"I love to wake up on this day and seeing all these colors reflecting in my living room. ā€¢ šŸ„° The night synchronization will keep the colors choosed by the mages and display a representation of the history of Xeozrodel. "It's the best moment of the year.

THANK YOU XeozrodelNewsTV for having us.