A new city to discover in Xeozrodel

Aber Woods 🌳 is now a place to visit. Come and discover thoses woods with our elf guides, that know the place better that anybody ! Our elf guides are going to show you how to make mystical fire all by yourself! We are planning to open multiple activities around Aber Woods, and by choosing Magical Safari for your trip to Aber Woodsin Xeozrodel, you will have free delicacies included in your trip.

The people that live around Aber Woods are the most welcoming people that you will find around Xeozrodel. The objective of this tour is to go around the city and find what make it so special. Some people found a whole underworld and a secret market that we will also get you to in order to discover some Xeozrodelian delight. The elves are going also to introduce you to the mage gourou of this region, he will have many surprises for you.

This region is full of magnificient flying creatures, we will stop by the natural park of Aber Woods and see what the nature has to offer. And maybe by chance you will see an elfyki animal that live in those woods. We suggest that you visit this location with family for dreaming surprises that will make your children happy. It's a journey to never forget in Xeozrodel.