Special News about Christmas Eve

Christmas is in the corner ! For this event of the year, Magic Safari of Xeozrodrel is preparing something new for you ! We offer you to come with us to visit places with a christmas eve touch. You will discover christmas food, fesitvals and animations ! Stay in touch with us, news updates are coming, don't miss this.
A quick Sneakpeek for you readers ! For example, during one week you would search for Christmas trees and then go to the Safari Lodge for dinner. You will go to Safari Lodge for lunch, and go back again at the Safari Lodge for dinner too. We are going to take you see the eye of the tiger that dance through the fire of chrismas, you are going to hear some screams and if you make a wish before a scream, this wish is sure to become a reality! After this trip on a Safari Xeozrodel on Christmas day, you will return to Safari Lodge for a lunch that afternoon. Then at the evening, you will stay at Safari Lodge for dinner, and start a festive night with elves and mage. Come with us this christmas!